Who Is Adaptable?

Photo of Mark Ashton Web Designer in his early days
Diagram of the evolutionary path of the web designer, Mark Ashton
Photo of Mark Ashton Web Designer in the present day

Hi, I’m Mark, the adaptable web designer guy. Can you see how I have adapted and evolved over the years to stay fresh and meaningful ;-)

I exploit my unique combination of skills and experience to deliver differentiating and game changing features for small business websites in a mobile world with information overload and not enough time. Along with a focus on website speed, performance and mobile-optimisation, my 30 years experience as an entrepreneur brings a wealth of exceptional marketing skills.

I’m the guy with the ideas. I develop a strong vision of how your website will work for your business and bring things to reality like lightning. You will find me bursting with original and differentiating ideas that fizz and pop.

Working with me is characterised by:

  • an abundance of fantastic ideas
  • fully branded demos
  • breathtaking speed-to-market
  • laser focus and attention to detail
  • great value and quality
  • an iterative way of working i.e. I send you a page … you check it … suggest amends … I change it. This reduces risk and is very efficient.

If you can dream it, the adaptable web designer can probably do it, usually in a day or two, and without the cost of a superbowl ad.

I also think I have a great sense of humour ;-)

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