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Liability Regarding Third Party Or Client Modifications


This clause is part of Adaptable Websites Hosting, Maintenance & Support found in its entirety here: https://adaptablewebsites.com/terms/#tabs|2
It is to provide a quick reference to the terms that apply to parties that wish to undertake their own work on their website and the loss of warranty as a result.

You may require or wish to independently edit or update your web pages or add new content yourself, e.g. blog articles. This is understandable with regard to your desire to make improvements to your website. However, we would like to bring some important considerations to your attention before you proceed with making any amendments yourself.

Warranty Voidance
We ensure that all website updates and maintenance performed by us adhere to industry standards and best practices. Indeed, with our expertise in wordpress and the Divi theme we provide a warranty on the work we undergo for you and will correct any errors or anomalies to provide a risk-free service.
When clients attempt to modify the website independently, it poses a risk to the overall stability and security of the site. Any self-made, or third-party, amendments will void the warranty provided by our company from thereon.
Why? Consider the loss of warranty as a consequence of the pitfalls of self-amendments. Here are but a few to consider:
Broken Functionality Even seemingly minor adjustments can lead to broken features or dysfunctional components.
Loss of Professional Aesthetics Untrained modifications often compromise the overall aesthetics of the site.
Inexperience with the Divi Theme There is a learning curve with all the nuances and workings of Divi, the premium wordpress theme. Changes are easily performed. Backtracking isn’t so simple.
Inadequate Testing Different browsers and devices may interpret changes differently. Self-amendments may lead to inconsistencies across platforms. Amends and changes should be tested and checked on a variety of PCs. laptops, tablets and smartphones which is often not viable for clients to undergo.
Performance Degradation: Poorly optimised assets slow down website’s loading speed
SEO Ranking Poorly optimised assets impact SEO via large file sizes, incorrect ALT tag application, file naming anomalies, etc
Security Risk Making changes without proper knowledge can inadvertently introduce security vulnerabilities. incorrectly configured settings or outdated plugins may compromise website security.

Charges for Error Resolution
if you, or a third party, attempts to update or amend the website in any way which results in damages to its design, or impairs the ability for the web pages to display or function properly, and you require us to rectify the situation, we will charge you at our current hourly rate of £60ph. However, we cannot guarantee a ‘drop-of-a-hat’ repair service. We also cannot guarantee that recovery or repair will be successful or how long it will take. It may be that the easiest solution is that of restoring a backup.
In summary, while we encourage your involvement in maintaining your website, we strongly advise against making amendments without professional assistance. With this in mind, you are encouraged to utilise our services for future updates to ensure a seamless and secure online presence.


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